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north america's best music experience

Partner With Us, And Share In The Growth.

It's all about live performance, memories, and deep, authentic experiences... This, is where the music business is going, and The League Of Rock is already there.

The League Of Rock is based on a long standing, easily understood, and heavily embraced program format... "A League".  Adults understand what it means to join a "League"... Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer... Heck, there's even Frisbee Leagues.  Grownups don't go to camp and they're not "campers"... But they do indeed join leagues in their spare time... Even if it's a bowling league.

The League Of Rock is the first and original "Music League".  The League Of Rock is recognized as the number one brand representing North America's Best Adult Music Experience.

We're Looking For Partners... 

We strike the perfect balance between rock'n roll, business, and authentic life experiences.

The League Of Rock is coming to a city near you... If you have experienced success in another field and are ready to do something truly fun, that changes lives, and that's all about MUSIC... This will interest you.

We're opening in most major cities in the U.S., Canada and Europe and we're looking for partners.  If you're interested in exploring a fabulous opportunity, drop us a line using the form just below here.

The League Of Rock Serves Two Distinct Audiences:

Companies & Other Organizations
The LOR produces Music-Based Team Building Events where famous and professional musicians help groups of people learn to collaborate better.  The experience doesn't favor athletes or brainiacs... It's deeply inclusive, it levels the playing field, anyone can do it, no musical talent is required, and the results are powerful.

The League Of Rock produces Company Music Leagues where employees who CAN play an instrument or sing, get into bands, learn from famous and professional musicians, rehearse and perform live at fund raising concerts.

Adults Who Play An Instrument Or Sing
Individual adults join to meet others who play or sing, learn from famous and professional musicians, rehearse in great facilities, record in world class studios, and perform live... all in ten weeks time.

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