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June 2012  
League Of Rock Openhouse Summer Tour

This is your chance to check out the League Of Rock. Join a band, work with pros, rehearse, perform and record a tune, all in 4 hours!

It doesn't matter what your skill level is, or how old you are. All League of Rock asks is that you play an instrument or sing, and love making music as much as we do! For the last five years you have heard about the League Of Rock and wondered if it was right for you; if you are interested in checking it out,
the OPENHOUSE is the best way to do it.

It's a great community of adults who play an instrument or sing, fabulous coaches, great recording and tons of live performance opportunities. When you register here, you'll get a chance to dip your toes in before you dive. Get ready to rock!

The OPENHOUSE program is a chance for people who are interested in the League Of Rock to check it out without signing up for the full 10 weeks. You will join a band, work with pros, play live, and record a tune, ALL IN FOUR HOURS, and all for $90. LOR Subscribers get in for $75.00. Just enter Bonus Code - IROCK and your discount will be taken off your registration automatically.

We are going on tour this summer with three openhouse stops. Sign up and get ready to rock!

Sunday, July 15th, 2012
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Sunday, July 15th, 2012
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Sunday, August 19th, 2012
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League Of Rock Greatest Hits - Volume 1
  Listen to The League Of Rock.

We are proud to share some of the best recordings from the past four years. Each of these recording was performed by our members, who are all non-pro musicians.

The recordings are produced in week nine of a ten week J.A.B. Session which includes a four hour recording session at a world class studio.  We feature new sets all the time, so check back here often.

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Feature Coach - Tony " Wild T" Springer
  Guitarist Toney (Wild T) Springer has been part of the Canadian music scene for almost 30 years, and during that time he has achieved legend status! Originally from Trinidad, Toney grew up surrounded by reggae & calypso music, but later he was also turned on to rock, blues & jazz. After he arrived in Toronto, he quickly made a name for himself as the wild guitar player around town. Jeff Healey said…..”I saw a man with endless imagination, a man that could combine that imagination with emotion that you couldn’t help but feel. I followed him around town like he was the messiah! Wild T has been my idol for years!”

The Michigan Blues Society said…”Wild T is building a reputation as being the next premier guitarist to emerge from the Canadian music scene! He has also played guitar with artist such as ‘Rough Trade’ & ‘David Bowie’. With ‘Rough Trade’ he would record new tracks for the 1985 compilation Birds of a Feather, and a national tour took place in 1986. With David Bowie, he performed on the album “Black Tie, White Noise” in 1994 and performed concerts and made talk show appearances all over the USA.

David Bowie said…. “Tony is an absolute delight to work with. He has a lyric, lilting take on Hendrix!” Wild T endorses Mark Amplifiers; Dean Markely Strings & AI Audio pedals. .

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  Featured Band

Feature Right
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