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north america's best adult music experience...

You can join hockey leagues, bowling leagues, baseball leagues, you can even join frisbee leagues. well now... if you can play an instrument or sing, you can join a music league.


The League Of Rock was founded by Terry Moshenberg and Topher Stott in 2007.  It hit Terry on the head one day in March, 2006.  Terry tossed the idea to Topher, and together they swiftly agreed... Our aging population of rockers born in the 50's and 60's needs a creative outlet for all that music they miss jamming to... Heck, they need it more than teenagers do.

Today, The League Of Rock is North America's Best Music Experience.

The LOR has two clearly defined audiences... Companies and Individual Adults Who Play An Instrument or Sing.

For organizations of any size, The LOR produces the best Music-Based Team Building events in North America.  For Adults, The LOR gives thousands of people who have careers and families an easy way meet others who play or sing, to workshop with professional musicians, to record and peform live... All in ten weeks, and without giving up their careers and hitting the road.

The League Of Rock is empowering "The Hidden Musical Population", one company at a time, and one grown up musician at a time.

The League Of Rock serves individuals and corporate clients with three very well defined programs:

JAB Sessions

Adult individuals are put into bands for ten weeks at time where they meet others who can play or sing on a weekly basis, learn from some of North America's best pro's, rehearse in great spaces, record in world class studios and perform in live venues.

Corporate Music Leagues

Much like company baseball leagues, only clients use The LOR to produce in-house music leagues to increase engagement, give their hidden creative class a voice and raise money for charity.  It's a powerful incentive and reward program and it's a powerful recruitment tool as well.

Music Based Team Building

This is North America's best team building event.  The League Of Rock produces music-based team building events for companies and other organizations where participants get to write, record and perform with famous and professional musicians in half, full, and multi day programs focused on improving collaboration and team work.  It's a powerful tool for engineering relationships and bringing disparate groups together.  It's perfect for annual meetings, quarterlies, tech conferences, mergers and acquisitions.