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Transcontinental Team Building Event  Highlights
This event was an epic full day.  There was appoximately 300 people.. This event rocked.
Scotia Bank Team Building Event Highlights
This was an amazing group, right down to the guitars bought only to be smashed on stage.
Widex Rock Show Highlights
This was a great Rock Show event.  Rock Trivia was on the menu and everyone enjoyed it themselves.
Deloitte League Of Rock
This is an annual program which raises money for United Way and gives the hidden talent in Deloitte a powerful voice.
Sanofi Rock Highlights
This was an elegant room, a fabulous group, and incredibly smart writers... 
Wellington West National Bank Team Building Highlights
The LOR helped in the merging of these to great companies. 

SNC Lavalin Team Building Highlights
This team building event was a powerful day of collaboration.