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League of Rock Receives Endorsement From University Of Waterloo

Date August 21, 2010 Author Terry Moshenberg Categories default-import-blog-type-3


League of Rock Receives Endorsement From University Of Waterloo

Toronto, Canada (September 9th, 2010) – League of Rock Receives Endorsement From University Of Waterloo's Dr. Ronald Pursor, Prof. Of Management.


Bob Sproule, School Of Accounting & Finance University Of Waterloo


Our Waterloo students spend literally one week on each of the major functional areas of a business. In addition we spend a few weeks on other related topics: globalization, role of government in business, teamwork, types of business organizations and ethics and corporate social responsibility.


In our coverage of teamwork we start by walking through some of the research done by J. Richard Hackman on this subject. We then look at a video featuring John Chambers, CEO of CISCO discussing their implementation of teamwork. Next we move through a discussion of the stages of team development. Then we move into a discussion of being an effective team member looking at individual differences that exist between team members, how to be a good listener, and then look at the subject of feedback.


We then look at the League Of Rock Documentary and discuss three issues: how are the teams participating in this event "real", what sort of enabling mechanisms are provided in this team building experience and what supportive context is provided (which all tie back to the earlier coverage of J. Richard Hackman).


In this course students do a lot of team work and so they have the practical opportunity to see and practice what we talk about in this module. “The League Of Rock Team Building Documentary serves as a great example of an innovative approach to the development of team skills, re-enforcing the important of this skill set in the workplace”.


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