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League of Rock Receives Endorsement From University Of San Francisco

Date August 13, 2010 Author Terry Moshenberg Categories default-import-blog-type-3


League of Rock Receives Endorsement From University Of San Francisco

Toronto, Canada (August 13, 2010) – League of Rock Receives Endorsement From University Of San Francisco's Dr. Ronald Pursor, Prof. Of Management.

Univ. Of San Francisco :: Endorsement Dr. Ronald Pursor, Prof. Of Management

As Professor of Management at San Francisco State University, I have directed my students to learn how team-building can be a fun and engaging experience by viewing the work created at the League Of Rock by Terry Moshenberg and Topher Stott. In my online course on Management, thousands of my students have watched and commented on the lively video documentaries where the League Of Rock used their highly innovative approach to team-building, including an in-depth case of this application at Unilever.

Music brings people together; League Of Rock’s creative approach to team- building is on the leading edge of arts-based management training. My students are amazed and impressed by what they see happening at the League Of Rock, and are turned on to the ideas that team-building can be fun and exciting—which leads to results.

As one student recently commented in an online discussion:

“This is an amazing approach to team building and leadership. It is upbeat and hip, and helps employees to engage in training that they usually dislike attending. Personally, from watching the documentary, I believe it works because the learning process is innovative, fun, and highly interactive. The League Of Rock facilitators inspire the group by allowing them to think out of the box. This process allows people to improve their group dynamics and come together with their unique strengths to work as a stronger unit. In Corporations, everyone is used to the same type of work day in and day out—but this approach really brings a breath of fresh air.”

Ronald E. Purser, Ph.D. Professor of Management College of Business San Francisco State University

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