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The J.A.B. Night Toronto

Date March 9, 2014 Author Categories Wally Norton

The J.A.B. Night...

Toronto League of Rock – Session 28



On a bitterly cold winter night in Toronto, a small gathering of bundled up souls found themselves down on College St. waiting to partake in the League of Rock’s J.A.B. (Join A Band) night. Before long everyone was warming up at Bar Itallia with hot pizza and cold beverages. This session is the usual mix of returning League members and the completely uninitiated. They were all here this night to “Join A Band” and set sail on their new rock n roll journey.

The League takes care of all the dirty work, painstakingly assembling the bands based on their chosen instruments, experience playing, and mixing up the returning members with the first timers. All with the goal to create a new crop of rock bands that will soon be working together for a ten week roller coaster ride of rock n roll creation.

Terry Moshenberg and Topher Stott, the founders of the League of Rock took some time to explain the process and answer questions. Before too long it was time to get down to business and one by one each member were called up to join their band. Five groups of strangers now assembled and it was time for them to get to work. Their mission for J.A.B. night is to get acquainted, and start discussing potential song ideas.

Watching the process unfold, I remembered my first JAB night and the nervous energy I was feeling as I met my bandmates not knowing at all what to expect. This night seemed to mirror my own experience. Lots of laughter filled the room as the new bands started strategizing and getting ideas for their first rehearsal night. Song lists were created and shared and once again I recalled racing home after my JAB night and grabbing my bass anxious to get started. I spent a late night nervous and jumped in to learn some of our ideas that same night!

Welcome to the League of Rock Toronto Blog – Session 28. Show reviews, interviews and more will unfold right here…

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