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League of Rock Toronto (Session 27) Week 7 Workshop

Date December 16, 2013 Author Categories Wally Norton

League of Rock Toronto (session 27) – Week 7 Workshop – Meet the Players!


Session 27 in Toronto’s League of Rock is shaping up to be one amazing party when it concludes on December 18th at the infamous El Mocambo club, but before then it was time for the Week 7 Workshop. This time out the musicians all gathered on Queen St. at The Hideout Rock Bar to perform their set live for their peers, a few patrons and an esteemed panel of judges. This will be the final live performance to prepare to and fine tune before the big finale only two weeks away.

League of Rock founder, Terry Moshenberg kicked off the evening's festivities as our "Master of Ceremonies". Five bands in all took to the stage and delivered some great live rock n roll. This is certainly not karaoke night, the evolution since the week 5 workshops was clearly noticeable to both the ears but also to the eyes. With their confidence growing, I couldn’t help but notice the attire of some of the musicians this week. Some serious thought went into looking a little more “ROCK” which was very cool to see and it made a difference in their performance.

The panel of judges tonight include Amanda Bentley (Gently Bentley), Micah Barnes (The Nylons) and Glenn Milchum (Blue Rodeo). This panel pulled no punches, giving each band clear “specific” items to work on before the finale. These bands have obviously worked very hard on the songs so the advice leaned more towards “performance” tips to make the finale a real Rock n Roll SHOW! I can’t wait to see what the bands have in store when they step up on the very same stage that has seen the likes of The Stones, The Ramones and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Last time out we reviewed the show, so this time figured we would change it up a bit and introduce you to a couple of the “players” in this session of the League of Rock and check in on their personal Rock n Roll journey so far. First up we have vocalist Melany Durant from the band “Triple X Why?” the six piece band that rocked the room with a set that included an amazing version of the Cranberries’ “Zombie”.

How long have you been singing Melany?  “I have never done anything like this before. “

Is this your first time with the League and how did you find out about the League of Rock?  “Terry and Ken were at a party that I coordinated and they looked like the best guys in the room (it was full of suits and they looked like rockers).  I introduced myself, they told me what they did and I was hooked.“

What has been your favourite thing about the league so far?  “I love collaborating and learning with my bandmates.  Everyone is so great and supportive and we have a blast at every rehearsal.”

Has there been a specific pearl of wisdom imparted by any of your coaches that you would like to share?  “All of our coaches have been amazing.  For me, because I have no prior experience aside from the love of rock and roll, I enjoy learning the lingo that people use.  One of the coaches even taught me how to plug my microphone in, lol.” 

Up next is Emily Griffiths (rhythm guitar/vocals) from the band “State of Kalamity” who’s highlight for me was Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, a great song performed beautifully.

How long have you been playing guitar and singing? “1 year and 9 months.”

How did you find out about the League of Rock and is this your first time with the League? “I learned about this from my uncle as he participated in the winter session last fall. Yes, this is my first time.”

What has been your favourite part of the League so far? “Definitely the performing.”

Has there been a specific pearl of wisdom shared from any of your coaches that you would like to share?“Probably just not to push too hard when singing, because it will push my voice out of tune.”

Next up, the bands will enter the recording studio to lay down a chosen track for the compilation CD and from there I will quote Ed Sullivan as we look forward to “A Really Big Show!” on December 18th.

For more photos of the workshop, click right here.



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