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League of Rock Hamilton (Session 2) Week 7 Workshop

Date December 10, 2013 Author Categories Wally Norton

This time out the League of Rock – Hamilton set up shop at Stonewalls for the Week 7 workshops. Three rock bands getting to stretch their wings live as they continue their progression towards the upcoming recording sessions and of course the big rock n roll show finale to be held December 17th at “This Ain’t Hollywood”.

Great music was performed from musicians that looked much more comfortable than a mere two weeks previous. Great songs that covered The Clash, The Black Crowes, Journey, ZZ Top and many others. All three bands delivered solid performances and received excellent feedback from an esteemed panel of coaches. In the coaching seats this night was blues guitar player extrodinaire and Hamilton’s own Steve Strongman, drum legend Graham Lear (Reo Speedwagon/Gino Vanelli) and drummer and League of Rock co-founder Topher Stott.

This time out we are going to dig in and introduce you to a couple of the players involved on their own individual rock n roll journeys. First up is Gary Moore, bassist for the LOR band “HAMMER”…

LOR: How long have you been playing bass before joining the League and have you had previous experience with music and performing?

Gary: I have only been playing bass for about 2 month's now and do not have any previous experience with music or performing of any kind and to be honest I did not ever see me doing something like this as It's a little out of my comfort zone.

I had considered learning to play bass for a couple of years but never did anything about it and my partner Suzanne knew this. Then I noticed that she started to show an interest in playing herself and she talked about buying one. Well what do you know, I came home from work one day and she had picked up a bass and amp and there it was sitting in the living room waiting for someone to play it. So play it I did.

LOR: How did you become aware of and involved with the League of Rock?

Gary: I was lucky enough to get involved really by accident as Dave Beatty, a mutual friend called me up out of the blue and offered me the opportunity. I was a little reserved at first because of my lack of playing experience but he convinced me to give it a try.

LOR: So far, what have you liked the most about your experience?

Gary: The things I like about it are the people involved are awesome, non-judgemental, extremely supportive and encouraging. Being able to play and learn from people that are better than myself, is priceless to me and I consider myself very fortunate for the opportunity.

“Bantu” is another band that rocked the stage this fine night and I spent some time with lead vocalist Lynne Atkinson.

LOR: How long have you been singing before joining the League and have you had previous experience with music and performing?

Lynne: I've been singing for over 20 years, having performed before various audiences on a casual basis but this year, I decided to take it to the next level in terms of networking and learning. And I've recently started to write songs too.

LOR: How did you become involved with the League of Rock?

Lynne: I heard about LOR through friends who are also members. It sounded like a great experience so I joined in 2013. This is my second session with the League and I'm sure I'll do it again.

LOR: So far, what have you liked the most about your experience?

Lynne: The ability to continue to hone your skills and get up in front of people and put that to the test has been a great learning experience. I think many people come to their first session with a particular mindset and what I've learned is that you really have to forget that. Show up with an open mind and you'll get so much more out of it. For example, the collaborative process of deciding which songs to do has been great for me. I find myself singing songs that I never would have considered on my own and crossing songs off my list because they wouldn't work for the group.


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